Heavy Duty Tray Tables

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Step 7: Assembling Tables

PartsIn this step I do the assembly work on the tables.  I start by removing the band clamps from the trays, rounding over the outside edges of the tray rails and sanding them to remove mill marks and pencil lines.  I also construction sand the latch blocks.

Leg setsWhen all the parts are ready, I get out the glue pot and roll the clamp rack over by the assembly table and begin putting the tables together.  I start by installing the spreaders to the leg pairs to create leg sets.

TablesThen I glue and clamp the leg sets to the under side of the tray, and attach the latch block as well.  The table is then stood up off to the side out of harm's way while I do another.

LatchWhen all four tables are assembled and clamped up I allow the glue to set up hard before removing the clamps and fine tuning the latch block.  these devices need to snap firmly into the hole in the upper spreader to hold the leg set open, but do so without requiring excessive force.  Each table is individually fine tuned for a proper fit once all the parts are solidly affixed.

Man Hours:
Materials:32 #8 x 1¾" F.H.W.S.
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