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Previous In The Shop Notes blog offers many years of watching over our shoulder as we build projects.

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About Us

Our Piney Mountain Home - the workshop is out back

Nestled on the western face of Piney Mountain, a foothill of the Great Smoky Mountains in the Cherokee National Forest, is a small wood shop from which beautiful things emerge.  Smoky Mountain Woodworks - creators of wonderful custom designed and built solid hardwood furniture and accessories for you and your family - is owned by Marie Bittinger.

With more than 20 years as a designer and seamstress, many of them with a prominent dress shop in St. Louis, Mo., Marie's eye for color and form enable her to envision Smoky Mountain Woodworks "Functional Art".  Her husband, Doug's 30+ years as a furniture maker, teacher, and author provide the knowledge and skill needed to transform Marie's visions into the wonderful items you see here. Their four-footed Kids; Cochise and Blondie serve as Office Manager and Shop Supervisor.

If you live locally you may visit our workshop to discuss details on a commissioned piece.  PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! While visitors are welcome at our workshop, we'd hate for you to arrive at a time when we're in the middle of something we can't interrupt, out making deliveries or on a supply run.  Let us know when you'll be in the area and we'll be happy to meet with you.  Or you can tour our shop on-line.

About the Environment

We have a deep respect for and love of nature.  We create items that capture and display the rare beauty of natural wood and appreciate that wood comes from trees that take many years to grow to maturity.  Only through proper conservation management can we ensure that there will always be enough trees to supply our needs, cleanse our air and provide shelter to the planets abundant wildlife.

Therefore, Smoky Mountain Woodworks avoids lumber suppliers who support or promote clear cutting, and favors suppliers who promote conservation management, replanting, and hardwood plantations.  We do not use any woods known to be endangered or protected.

Planet Earth is a community of organisms, of which Mankind is only one, all of which are dependent upon one another.  We must treat the planets living things with respect or we will surely be killing ourselves.