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Previous In The Shop Notes blog offers many years of watching over our shoulder as we build projects.

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Woodworking on Television
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Presented here are links to home sites for television shows that are of interest to anyone interested in woodworking.  They are presented here as a resource, not as an endorsement.

Furniture Guys
(Or men in tool belts) - Joe and Ed's page from their TV show.  If you have never seen these guys on TV, you have missed something.

Dean's Johnson's homepage.  This site is put together very well.  It contains a lot of 'how-to' information.

The New Yankee Workshop
Can you believe it, Norm's finally got a web page of his own.

The Router Workshop
Bob and Rick Rosendahl's page for their PBS show.

This Old House
Lots of interesting discussion of home remodeling, though little "How To".